I recently wrote some researchers have warned about the possibility of CJD/Alzheimer’s being spread by farm-raised fish that are fed prion contaminated beef. A study published 2 days ago confirmed this possibility.

I know many people who have parents or grandparents that are going through this horrible condition. I’ve witnessed first hand Christina’s grandfather with Alzheimer’s slowly become like a confused child in a 78 year old body dependent on others for even the most basic needs. Christina pointed out that it is also especially hard for loved ones to cope emotionally due to the constant care and grief over the loss of a family member even though their physically body is still “alive.”

According to western medicine there is no known cure and rates are increasing at a shocking  9000% over the past two decades. So I see preventative medicine in the form of a balanced diet that lacks possible animal-based sources of prions and is instead full of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients playing a huge role here. It sure is cheaper than hospital visits and 24/7 care. And in this case important not only for our personal health but that of our family and future possible care takers.

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